Wednesday, February 25, 2009

12 Hours of Santos Race Update

This past weekend was the 12 hours of Santos. I competed in the 6 hour elite class, and this was the opening round for my season. The adrenaline was high, and all the big dogs were here to show what work had been done on the off season. I set my goals high and met it with a 3rd place finish in a stacked 97 racer field for the 6 hour class.

The race was very tough set with a fast pace from Ryan Woodall, Victor alber and Myself. Us three stayed together for the whole race from start till the last lap where my body started shutting down after 5 hours. Victor and Ryan had a good battle till the end however Victor had a few mechanicals near the end letting Ryan slip away a little too easy. Congrats to both of them for the top 2 spots.

All in all the race was great and I hope to see some good results early in the year after this race. Many thanks to all who helped and supported me this race including: Drew "Coach" Edsall of, My girlfriend Maddie for being there for support, The Bike Route, Scott Bikes, Kent Lofton of About Bicycles, The Woodall Brothers, My family and friends, and of course Jesus Christ for keeping me safe throughout the day. Thanks to all and looking forward to the first regioanl race of the year on march 8th in my hometown!!!!

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