Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This race was given to me with mixed emotions. It was my first Semi Pro race ever and I got the pleasure of being with pros also..haha. Well I went in with an open mind and after my normal routine warm up with my coach Drew Edsall, it was on. We lined up where we wanted and the race was under way.

I got the holeshot as normal ( Not to brag, I just really like starts). As soon as we hit a little starightaway I kind of set up though to let a few riders by to pace off me.. Pro rider Andy Johnston was the only one to take advantage there and took the lead.. I followed him up a few hard climbs and we were both filling well and starting to break the group a little a part. Well on the steepest climb of the race I shifted a little late and put out a lot of power which resulted in snapping my chain and bending the der. hanger. I took this bad and dropped my bike told my coach as he came by and cheered everybody else up the hill.

Well I have never dropped out of a race, but I was pretty sure I was done with this one. So I started walkking back to th e pits. Then I said screw this and I fixed my chain and got rolling. Instantly I noticed my hanger was bent and did the best I could to get it straight. I tuned the gears and got the bike working decent for the rest of the race. SO I just decided to put in a hard ride. Well I ended up catching a few riders that got blown up and it made it worth while. I finished way back and was not very happy with what happen. All in all though it was a preview for the future and I cant wait for the next race.