Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colorado So Far!!

As most of you know I have gone out to Durango Colorado for a month of training with my coach Drew Edsall to not only do the National race in Utah on July 27th- 28th but also to go back east and try and get some good finishes in New York on July 11th- 12th and Hopefully the next weekend in Vermont for the National Championship on July 16th - 20th!!

So far I have rode every day but one to recover since the training is so hard here. It is almost impossible to find somewhere here without a minute climb that you cant help but here your head throb only half way up! Well anyways the training is killer. The trails are just amazing and the best I have ever rode, the only problem is saving some energy for the next day. I have logged in around 13 hours already in the first week being here. The biggest problem I still have is my breathing. I need a little more time to aclamate because riding at 0-130 feet above sea level back home to riding at 6500-9000 feet above sea level out here is a little harder.

However tomorrow I am going to try a practice short track the Durango Devo is putting on and see where my fitness stands against the locals out here. Then to follow that I have some more hard training to finish out the second week here.

Soon I hope to have some pictures up so I can share the beauty of this place with you all. For now though I will just keep riding and enjoying.

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Phil Irwin said...

Hope you are well and enjoying your summer training out West. The rain here has really tightened up the courses here in Florida, Santos is fantastic except for the blowdown trees. Keep us up to date as you pursue a challenging schedule this month. We will be in Anniston and Fontana for the SERC.
-Phil & Joseph Irwin