Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bump & Grind


Well we started our trip out to colorado and did the Bump and Grind national calendar race on the way out. The race took place in Pelham, AL right below Birmingham. The race is what I would say the biggest race in the southeast with the most talent around lined up on one line for a 17 mile course with a grueling climb about 1/2 way through. I went into the rce feeling pretty good and ready to post a solid finish. I started on the second row and still got a decent start. I was up in the top 10 for the beginnig with no intention of moving up until later if possible. As we can out to the climb on the first lap I simply sat up and rode my own race. Of course a few riders instantly shot out about 20 feet and just sat there. As the climb went on I felt okay. I simply reeled the other riders in at the top when they hurt the most. Coming through the first lap I was probably in around 16th or 17th which was mid pack, however I knew I put out a good lap time and just hoped I could do it again.

Beginning the second lap about 3-4 miles into my legs where really still feeling strong but starting to quiver so I knew I would have probably later. I was however still moving up in my class. So as I crested the climb for the last time I felt good and was in a solid 10th place however right before you shoot into blood rock the most technical part of the trail my friend michael viertel blew by me telling me to stay strong. Well this got me a little fired up so I paced myself an d caught up to him slowly. I was plannong on seeing how the last climb went then trying to pick up the pace however on that climb my legs started to lock up and I had to warch mike walk away from me just so i could finish the lap. I continued to ride my best through the cramps and finished a solid 11th place overall and 5th place out of the semi pro's.

Congratulations for the top spot going to RYAN WOODALL once again as he was out the blazing the course once again and won the pro field for the second time in a row. Also good job to my coach Drew Edsall for placing 6th overall and 1st out of the semi pro's. Jamie Knight was also in the house taking the win in the Junior Expert class with a fast time. And as always Regan Woodall was there to liven things up, but was unable to race so he can start up training for the East Coast nationals!! Thanks for all the help this year from everyone at this race and look for me on that podium next year with no cramps.

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