Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yeah it is time for an update. I have been unmotivated to talk about my riding more than I am motivated to just get out and ride. I have competed in the first Georgia state race and The Lakeland Urban Crit since the last post.

For the Georgia State Race it was a good time traveling up to the race and riding a great course however I was unable to put in a good ride. My body was way off for the day and I started having real bad muscular cramps on the last lap. I got in a good training day but was real mad at my result. I actually got passed near the end of the race by a woman racer yelling at me to get out of the way and I was only pedaling with one leg cause the other was cramped and locked up. This was so funny to me as soon as I was finished. The other was that they conveniently let out the beginner wave right in front of me on my last lap. Which is not good for a blown up semi pro to race with over excited unexperienced racers. Near the end a beginner fell on a climb in front of me causing me to fall into the bushes and lose a spot while having my legs lock up. So the georgia experience was good but my performance was very off.

As for the urban crit. This was an awesome event. They had a sweet trials/ speed course set up right in the road to entertain spectators which was awesome. Well and the crit course was cool for you went by a lake, down stairs, and all the way up and down a parking garage. I felt really good going into the race and confident in myself. However I did not feel comfortable on slick tires blasting through oil spills. However all that aside I went into the race with an open mind to kick some butt. Well as the race broke in I found myself up front making the right moves and staying in front. However before I noticed all in a split second Steve Bent had flatted and hit a statue hard and well I look up and Jamie and Mike were broke away. This was the worst thing that could happen. ACTUALLY NOT they were working together flawlessly and moving really well. So I tried to just stay calm and help the people around me however within a few minutes I knew my race was for third place. So it came down to me and Brent Hall riding the rest of the race together before the finish, where I squared up the last corner to beat him. This was a move I made on experience and something he will never forget. great race though Brent.

So that is about it for now. I am currently trying finish out school which is a huge stressor for me and get ready for the California national.

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Rush1000Rider said...

Hey Martin,

I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to hearing about your upcoming races in California, New york and elsewhere. Best of luck and thanks again for the words of advice today when I saw you in the Bike Route. I plan on making a conscious effort to incorporate that technique into a natural part of my routine. I wish you the greatest success!